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Friday, February 29, 2008

Whoops! I've Stumbled

Groups & Hoops
DEADFREDdotCOM Yahoo!Group posted an interesting message on Feb. 15, 2008 concerning Civil War Pensions [msg. # 5720]. I've never requested Pension files. It was interesting to note that most of the information that was available was medical. " My experience is that you get a lot more if there is a wife, widow's pension
and/or minor children. When the veteran outlives everybody else and is old, mostly what you get is medical." -[msg. 5720]. They mentioned that a Union Soldier fell ill at Church Point, Louisiana at which they shipped up back up the river. Not much was said about Church Point or what the soldier was doing at the time. So I surfed on.

I found that Church Point is called "The Buggy Capitol of the World". I've had visitors from Basile, Louisiana which is not too far from Church Point or Lafayette, Louisiana. For those of you who are not familiar - Church Point is North of Rayne but West of Lafayette. I'm linking up with the Thibodeaux Family website, which indicates a few ancestors from Church Point, too. It's been an interesting surf this morning. And I've enjoyed the family page of the Thibodeaux's. Incidently, they've made a family coat of arms...that is just beautiful.

Also the REDBONE Yahoo!Group notes that there is a call for papers. It posts the following information:
Crossing the Line
Call for Papers

Backintyme Publishing is assembling an essay collection titled “Crossing the Line,” to examine instances when individuals or groups with slight known African slave ancestry were accepted into U.S. society as “White.” Details and authors’ guidelines follow.
Authors’ Guidelines

Size and Timing — The collection will comprise approximately ten essays adding up to between 30,000 and 60,000 words in total. The book is scheduled for release in mid-2008. Proposals must be received by March 30, 2008. Notifications of acceptance will be sent to authors by April 15, 2008. Final papers must be received by June 1, 2008.

Format — Please submit a one-page proposal as a computer file in MS-Word “.DOC” format. You are encouraged to email the file as an attachment to postmaster@backintyme.com. Nevertheless, a floppy or CD containing the file snail-mailed to Backintyme Publishing, 30 Medford Dr., Palm Coast FL 32137 to arrive by the cutoff date will also be accepted. Upon being notified of acceptance, please email your 2,500-5,000 word essay as an MS-Word “.DOC” file attachment to postmaster@backintyme.com, Again, a floppy or CD containing the file snail-mailed to arrive by the cutoff date will also be accepted.

Content — Crossing the Line will comprise essays depicting instances when individuals or groups with slight known African slave ancestry were accepted into U.S. society as “White.” The focus will show that the U.S. endogamous color line was not always as impermeable as has usually been imagined. The collection will include both first-person and third-person accounts. First-person accounts are those that narrate the author’s own family background (as Bliss Broyard does in One Drop, for example). Third-person accounts are those that present others’ experiences culled from documents (as Wayne Winkler does in Walking Toward the Sunset). The editor anticipates that most essays will of necessity deal with one of North America’s triracial (maroon or Creole) communities, but this is not a requirement. Accounts that fit the theme (acceptance as White despite slight African ancestry) will be welcomed, even if unrelated to triracial communities. A story about the Healys, for example, would be acceptable.

Compensation — You will be paid $0.10 per word of accepted essay.

Anonymity — You are encouraged to use a pseudonym in order to remain anonymous if you so desire. Since your payment must be reported to the IRS, Backintyme’s accountant (only) will need your real name and social security number before sending payment. But even this exposure is unnecessary if you forego compensation.

Backintyme Publishing
30 Medford Drive
Palm Coast FL 32137-2504
tel: 386-446-4909
fax: 206-350-1439
email: sales@backintyme.com
Backintyme Bookstore in Second Life

Return to the Backintyme Publishing page (History of the U.S. Color Line).
Return to the Backintyme Performances page (Living History Songs and Stories).
Visit OneDropRule, a discussion group on the history of U.S. racialism (the “race” notion) sponsored by Backintyme Publishing.

Last modified: 17 November 2007, 08:51:29
Acessed [February 29, 2008 Red Bone Yahoo Group]

***Note: You must first go to backintyme.com/ then access the Publishing page in order to get to the URL - crossing.php file

I've added Stumble to the website. It is a kewl linking tool to other sites that interest you. I'm going to add links to the genealogy tag as I find them. You can access my profile on Stumble and see what pages I've liked. I've also added a link to the Acadian Memorial, where they've provided a search engine for your Acadian/Cajun ancestors. You may also wish to add yours to their database. It was an interesting find on the net.

In the past 100 visitors the following cities or towns were noted on SiteMeter from Louisiana: Welsh, Baton Rouge, Cut Off, Lake Charles, Clarks, Beaux Bridge, Fort Polk, Lafayette, New Orleans, Marrero, Basile. There have also been visits from Israel, London, Germany, and India. It was interesting to note that Blogflux maps point out a London, Lambeth, UK visit and for the same instance that SiteMeter points out Oxforshire, United Kingdom, Bicester. The two places are 60.4 + miles apart, but noted as the same visit. Go figure.

There have been a few new members to the Yahoo! Group. Thanks for signing on.

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