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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Louisiana genealogy

Upcoming events on Louisiana Genealogy Connections
Oct 14 Tuesday
West Monroe Library
Northeast Louisiana Gen. & Hist. - John Sellers

Jesse C. Adams and Harriet M.By isaacadams Florence Adams was born on 10 Oct 1864 in Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. She died in 1899 in Texas. Ada Adams was born about 1868 in Louisiana. She died on 29 Jun 1951 in Kaufman County, Texas. George C. ...Adams Genealogy - http://adamsgen.wordpress.com

LAORLEAN RootsWeb lister has posted information about the FTM 2009 software on both the Ancestry list genealogy software, LAORLEAN mailing list, and the Yahoo Group, "NOGDC: New Orelans Gens De Couleur researchers".

Damon Veach's column:
New book features stunning photos2TheAdvocate - Baton Rouge,LA,USAAppendixes in this book include an introduction to genealogy fundamentals and a practical, detailed guide to citing your sources.

Terry's back blogging genealogy West Carroll Parish!
Civilian Conservation Corp - Lee Williamson in the CCCBy Terry Jenson(Terry Jenson) He was sent to Camp Beauregard near Alexandria, Louisiana for training and there he was outfitted with two suits of denim uniforms, underwear, socks, and army boots. Then he was sent to a forest cleanup project north of Bastrop, ...West Carroll Parish, Louisiana Genealogy - http://terryslouisianagenealogy.blogspot.com/

George L. Middleton and Sophia MatildaBy isaacadams Christina Evelyn Middleton was born in 1879 in Louisiana. Phillip H. Middleton was born in 1881 in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana. He died during 1924 in Burke County, Georgia. Helen Martha Middleton was born during 1885 in ...Adams Genealogy - http://adamsgen.wordpress.com

From Bloglines Alerts:
Genealogy Query - STANSBURY

Re: [APG] Crossover Opportunities for Genealogists and Public...
...via the web for other public records here in Texas and in
Louisiana. ... communities and

Genealogy research reveals not

Louisiana : Natchitoches Jewish cemetery, video [Tracing the Tribe:
The Natchitoches Preservation Network has prepared a short video on the town's Jewish cemetery.

1492 and all that…Basic Strategies and Resources for Italian...
In addition to the Deep South ( Louisiana , Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama) and California, Italian enclaves could be found in major cities...

Climb Your Family Tree
My mother Lucille Dickinson Ainsworth has compiled several books on our family genealogy and on Franklin Parish, Louisiana history.

Edwin I. Lowe and Cora Helen BensonBy randomguy37 He died in 1923 in Louisiana. Joseph E. Lowe was born in 1867 in Clinton County, Indiana. He died on 27 Mar 1944 in Saint Helena Parish, Louisiana. Sarah Martha Lowe was born on 2 Jul 1869 in Portage County, Wisconsin. ...MS Genealogy - http://msgenealogy.wordpress.com

Finding Lost Ancestors: Get to Know ThemBy Pioneers(Pioneers) They moved southward until Indians lands were opened, and then went west into Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. It was all about land. Jeannette Holland Austin, Georgia Author Georgia Pioneers. http://www.georgiapioneers.com.Georgia Pioneers - http://genealogy-georgiapioneers.blogspot.com/

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