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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What you will miss at FGS Little Rock, Arkansas

The annual Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference will be in September (2nd-5th) and hosted by the Arkansas Genealogical Society in Little Rock. This is the conference schedule from their website. You should visit the above URL for a more in depth topic summary. I've found several topics that I would like learn more about. . . GPS / GIS in genealogy, Louisiana Conveyance Records, and Congressional Hearings were just a few topics I found interesting.

FGS 2009 Annual Conference: Passages Through Time
at the Little Rock Statehouse Convention Center
Little Rock, Arkansas, September 2-5, 2009

Wednesday, 2 September
W-1 Welcome APG PMC
W-2 Solving Mysteries for Money: The Forensic Genealogist and Private Investigator Mary Ann Boyle
W-3 Writing Professionally Thomas W. Jones
W-4 The Bachelor: Reconstructing a Solitary Life Using Obscure & Far-Flung Records Mary Penner
W-26 Talking to the World Sherry Irvine
W-27 Publish! And Supplement Your Income Desmond Walls Allen
W-28 Elements of a Good Client Agreement Richard Camaur
W-29 Bull's Eye! Planning and Delivering a Winning Marketing Campaign Heather Henderson
W-30 The Genealogy Consumer: Who Pays for Professional Research? Natasha Crain
W-31 Get Paid for Your Passion: Becoming a Professional Genealogist Elissa Scalise Powell
Librarians' Day

Sessions TBA

Tour of the Institute for Arkansas Studies
Tuesday, 1 September
FGS Conference
Tu-1 Oral History Workshop David Stricklin, Jajuan Johnson Pre-conference
Tu-2 Developing a Research Plan J. Mark Lowe Pre-conference
Wednesday, 2 September
W-5 Delegate 101 Society Management
W-6 Publishing Records for My Society and Making Them Available Online David Harding Family History Support
W-7 Digital Scrapbooking Linda Woodward Geiger Basic Research Practices
W-8 Census Basics Beverly Rice Basic Research Practices
W-9 Oral History for the Classroom Kay Bland, Amanda Ferguson, George West Oral History
W-10 Loud and Clear: Effective Society Marketing for Everyone Tom Champoux Society Management
W-11 Developing a Successful First Families Program Cherel Henderson Society Management
W-12 Societies Going Virtual David E. Rencher Society Management
W-13 Family History Consultants: Helping Family History Happen Brent R. Summerhays Family History Support
W-14 How to Be a Power Hitter Barbara Becker Meehan Basic Research Practices
W-15 Messages from the Grave: Listening to Your Ancestor's Tombstone Elissa Scalise Powell Basic Research Practices
W-16 Writing Oral History Janis Kearney Oral History
W-17 Program, Program, Git Yer Program Jana Sloan Broglin Society Management
W-18 Building an Effective Society Web Site Amy Johnson Crow Society Management
W-19 Developing a Continuing Education Program for Your Society Beverly Rice Society Management
W-20 Family History Consultants: Helping Members Brent R. Summerhays Family History Support
W-21 Clustering and More: Successful Internet Searching D. Joshua Taylor Basic Research Practices
W-22 Research Methods and Sources in Multi-Cultural Communities Wendy Bebout Elliott Basic Research Practices
W-23 Sounds of Arkansas Jeff Lewellen Oral History
W-24 FGS Networking Luncheon Luncheons
W-25 FGS Delegates Luncheon Luncheons
W-32 What a Society Can Do: The Arkansas Priors Project Susan Gardner Boyle Society Management
W-33 How to Control the Debate Dialogue in a Meeting Roberta "Bobbi" King Society Management
W-34 Managing a Cemetery Reading Project Efficiently Elissa Scalise Powell Society Management
W-35 Member's Guide and Instructor's Guide: New Resources for Family History Work Frederick W. Graham Family History Support
W-36 Digital Book Scanning and Its Partners Michael J. Hall FamilySearch
W-37 Legislative Petitions, a Valuable Genealogical Source Cherel Henderson Basic Research Practices
W-38 How Do I Start? What I Wish I Had Known 40 Years Ago Fred Moss Basic Research Practices
W-39 Classes that Draw a Crowd Cath Madden Trindle Society Management
W-40 Conducting Your Society's Business in a Virtual World D. Joshua Taylor Society Management
W-41 So You Want to Put On a Seminar: From Concept to Seminar Day Beverly Rice Society Management
W-42 Family History Centers: An Important Resource for Family History Support Donna Miller, Frederick W. Graham Family History Support
W-43 FamilySearch Brings the World's Records to Your Home: Records Access Paul Nauta FamilySearch
W-44 Hands On! Transcribing & Abstracting Documents (2 hrs) Linda Woodward Geiger Basic Research Practices
W-45 Beginning Research for Genealogists (2 hrs) Marjorie Sholes Basic Research Practices
W-46 What Your Board Needs to Know Fred Moss Society Management
W-47 Using Your Society's Web Site Lori Thornton Society Management
W-48 Meeting + Speaker = Success Jana Sloan Broglin Society Management
W-49 FamilySearch Wiki: A Community Providing Research Help to You Diane C. Loosle Family History Support
Thursday, 3 September
Th-51 Conference Welcome and Keynote Session Tim Sullivan Opening Session
Th-52 What Works and What Doesn't: Consideration for the Aspiring Lecturer Christine Rose Genealogical Speakers Guild
Th-53 Slave Research: It's a Needle in a Haystack Deborah A. Abbott African American
Th-54 Civil War Research -- Getting Started Richard G. (Rick) Sayre Federal Records
Th-55 Funeral Practices: The Final Event Susan D. Kaufman Records & More
Th-56 Looking for Long Lost Arkansas Ancestors: Part I Lynda Childers Suffridge, Russell P. Baker Arkansas
Th-57 Creating a Genealogical Goldmine: The Archivists' Toolkit Lynn Ewbank Archives & Repositories
Th-58 Migration Routes and Settlement Patterns George Schweitzer Migration
Th-59 In a Rut? 7 Ways to Jump Start Your Research Elizabeth Shown Mills Methodology
Th-60 The Practical Genealogist: Privacy Concerns Desmond Walls Allen Practical Genealogist
Th-61 Genealogical Speakers Guild Chuck Knuthson Memorial Lecture Luncheon: "Have Hat, Will Travel" Barbara Vines Little Luncheons
Th-62 Board for Certification of Genealogists Luncheon: "Wanted: One Instant Family Tree" Patricia Walls Stamm Luncheons
Th-63 Afro-American Historical & Genealogical Society, Arkansas Luncheon: "How Genealogy Informs History and History Informs Genealogy" Katherine Fitzhugh Luncheons
Th-64 Civil War Heritage Trail Luncheon Luncheons
Th-65 Stories that Instruct: Using Case Studies to Teach Genealogy Methodology John Philip Colletta Genealogical Speakers Guild
Th-66 African American Homesteaders Roberta "Bobbi" King African American
Th-67 Mrs. N. B. Forrest -- A Case Study of Building a Confederate Family Kathy Huber Federal Records
Th-68 Proven Research Strategies that Transcent Geo-Political Boundaries David E. Rencher Records & More
Th-69 Looking for Long Lost Arkansas Ancestors: Part II Lynda Childers Suffridge, Russell P. Baker Arkansas
Th-70 Our National Treasure: The Library of Congress Pamela K. Boyer Sayre Archives & Repositories
Th-71 Tracing Scots Irish Ancestors Dean J. Hunter Migration
Th-72 Methods of Proving Parentage: An Analysis of Recent Scholarly Articles Thomas W. Jones Methodology
Th-74 Reconstruction 101 for African Americans Tim Pinnick African American
Th-75 But I Know He Got a Pension! Working the National Archives Pension Indexes Marie Varrelman Melchiori Federal Records
Th-76 Writing Your Family History Using Microsoft Word Michael J. Leclerc Records & More
Th-77 Overview of Resources at the Arkansas History Commission Wendy Richter Arkansas
Th-78 City, County and State Archives: Not Created Equally Paula Stuart-Warren Archives & Repositories
Th-79 Genealogical Application of Historical GIS Richard G. (Rick) Sayre Migration
Th-80 Addicted to Courthouses Christine Rose Methodology
Th-73 Advances PowerPoint for the Genealogical Speaker (2 hrs) Debby Horton, Barbara Renick Genealogical Speakers Guild
Th-81 Techniques for Researching Slave Ancestors Judy Riffel African American
Th-82 U.S. Federal Census 1790-1840: Make It Work For You Susan Gardner Boyle Federal Records
Th-83 Substitutes for Vital Records Jan Alpert Records & More
Th-84 Clues Found by Platting Your Ancestor's Land in the Federal Domain Alexandra Baird Arkansas
Th-85 More Toys and a Bigger Sandbox: Future Possibilities with Digital Libraries Curt B. Witcher Archives & Repositories
Th-86 More Than Your Family May Have Migrated -- Did Family Records Go Along? Paula Stuart-Warren Migration
Th-87 Congressional Hearings: A Primer on This Valuable Resource Tim Pinnick Methodology
Th-88 Arkansas Night at the Ballpark Special Event
Friday, 4 September
F-89 Arkansas Genealogical Society Breakfast: "Ask Not What Your Society Can Do For You. . ." Susan Gardner Boyle Breakfasts
F-90 St. Louis Genealogical Society Breakfast: "St. Louis -- Then and Now" Patricia Walls Stamm Breakfasts
F-91 FamilySearch Indexing Breakfast: "Societies, Indexing, and the Future" Dean Taylor Breakfasts
F-92 Researching in Government Documents Richard G. (Rick) Sayre BCG Skill Building (Sponsored by the Board for Certification of Genealogists)
F-93 Arkansas and the Mexican War: From Indians in the West to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Craig Roberts Scott Military
F-94 Documenting Arkansas Lynn Ewbank Arkansas (Sponsored by the Arkansas History Commission)
F-95 Frontier Religion and Its Genealogical Effects George Schweitzer Church Records
F-96 Murder and Mayhem on the River: The Life of the Harpes Gail Jackson Miller Assembling Records & Lives
F-97 Unforeseen Events and the Lives of Our Ancestors Teri E. Flack Regional & Federal Records
F-98 Unlikely Sources for North Louisiana Research Judy Riffel States & Records
F-99 Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research: Gem of the Gulf Coast Susan D. Kaufman States & Records
F-100 Academic Assets: College & University Resources for the Family Historian Lori Thornton Libraries & Archives
F-101 Land Records Barbara Vines Little BCG Skill Building (Sponsored by the Board for Certification of Genealogists)
F-102 Our American Army: Enlisted Men and Their Records Christine Rose Military
F-103 Arkansas Confederate Pensions Russell P. Baker Arkansas (Sponsored by the Arkansas History Commission)
F-104 They Walked with Purpose: The Records of Ministers Patricia Walls Stamm Church Records
F-105 Coincoin: How to Recreate the Life of a Female Ancestor Elizabeth Shown Mills Assembling Records & Lives
F-106 They Went West: Researching Colonial and Territorial Records Diane VanSkiver Gagel Regional & Federal Records
F-107 Oklahoma's Settlement: Territorial Homestead and Allotment Records Barbara Becker Meehan States & Records
F-108 Tennessee: Records & Repositories J. Mark Lowe States & Records
F-109 Bringing Order to Small Genealogical & Historical Libraries Lori Thornton Libraries & Archives
F-110 Association of Professional Genealogists Luncheon: "Genealogy Tomorrow: The Future of Our Past" Desmond Walls Allen Luncheons
F-111 New England Historic Genealogical Society Luncheon: "I Want to Find My Family: Tales of an NEHGS Genealogist" Rhonda R. McClure Luncheons
F-112 National Genealogical Society Luncheon: "Exploring New Universes with NGS" Pamela K. Boyer Sayre Luncheons
F-114 Written In Blood and Sweat, Not Just Black and White Ronnie A. Nichols Military
F-115 By Balloon or Snagboat: Post Office & Settlement Patterns in Early Arkansas Wendy Richter Arkansas (Sponsored by the Arkansas History Commission)
F-116 Who Blowed up the Church House? Russell P. Baker Sources & Methods
F-117 Effective Editing and Writing Pamela K. Boyer Sayre Assembling Records & Lives
F-118 Justice on the Frontier: Fort Smith District Court Records Meg Hacker Regional & Federal Records
F-119 Genealogical Research at the Louisiana State Archives Judy Riffel States & Records
F-120 Kentucky: Records & Repositories Gail Jackson Miller States & Records
F-121 A Detailed Look at Footnote Roger Bell Libraries & Archives
F-113 Board for Certification of Genealogists: Certification Seminar (2 hrs) Thomas W. Jones, Elissa Scalise Powell, Paula Stuart-Warren BCG Skill Building (Sponsored by the Board for Certification of Genealogists)
F-122 The War of 1812 in the Southeast George Schweitzer Military
F-123 A Real Arkansas Traveler Jane M. Hooker Arkansas (Sponsored by the Arkansas History Commission)
F-124 Discovering WeRelate: An Introduction to the World's Largest Genealogy Wiki Dallan Quass Sources & Methods
F-125 The Personal Touch. . .Using Diaries and Letters in Family History Research Beverly Rice Assembling Records & Lives
F-126 Headstone Applications and Burial Records Trevor K. Plante Regional & Federal Records
F-127 Displaced, Misplaced, and Flooded Down the River: The Corps of Engineers Records Patricia Walls Stamm States & Records
F-128 North Carolina: Land & Legends J. Mark Lowe States & Records
F-129 The Rest of the Story: Using Manuscripts to Create a Family History Laura G. Prescott Libraries & Archives
F-130 The Dreaded Research Report Elissa Scalise Powell BCG Skill Building (Sponsored by the Board for Certification of Genealogists)
F-131 Records of the Territorial South Lynda Childers Suffridge Military
F-132 All You Need in a Land Deed Peggy Lloyd Arkansas (Sponsored by the Arkansas History Commission)
F-133 Inferential Genealogy Thomas W. Jones Sources & Methods
F-134 Granny Possum's Pointers Barbara Vines Little Assembling Records & Lives
F-135 Papers of the Continental Congress Constance Potter Regional & Federal Records
F-136 The Face of the River: Captains, Crews and their Records Patricia Walls Stamm States & Records
F-137 Negro Soldiers of Antebellum Louisiana-Their Service and Records Sharon Batiste Gillins States & Records
F-138 Treasures Within the Ivory Tower: Finding Family in Academic Archives Laura G. Prescott Libraries & Archives
F-139 Federation of Genealogical Societies Banquet: "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: A Short Trip Through Arkansas History" Tom Dillard Banquet
Saturday, 5 September
S-140 Tools for Effective Pedigree Analysis Ruth Ellen Maness ICAPGen
S-141 Records of the Arkansas Direct Tax Commission, 1862-1886 Craig Roberts Scott Arkansas & Region
S-142 The Nuts & Bolts of DNA and Genealogy - "Was Grandpa Really Grandpa?" Buford Joseph Suffridge DNA
S-143 The Identity Crisis: Right Name, Wrong Man? Wrong Name, Right Man? Elizabeth Shown Mills Records & More
S-144 Finding your Ancestors in the Republic of Texas Teri E. Flack States & Records
S-145 Doing the Dawes: Locating Ancestors on the Final Rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes Kathy Huber Regional/Ethnic
S-146 Which Way Did They Go? Jane M. Hooker Mapping
S-147 Effective Internet Use of England's National Archives Paul Milner British Connections
S-148 Where Am I? Understanding Public, University, Private and Non-Profit Archives (Two hours) Susan D. Kaufman, D. Joshua Taylor Archives & Repositories
S-149 Samples from the Professional AG Exam Karen Clifford ICAPGen
S-150 Arkansas State Donation and Swamp Land Records Desmond Walls Allen Arkansas & Region
S-151 The Family History in Your Cells: Using DNA for Genealogical Research Drew Smith DNA
S-152 The Three Rs: Reading, 'Riting, and Research in School Records Paula Stuart-Warren Records & More
S-153 Researching in the Magnolia State: Mississippi Resources Lori Thornton States & Records
S-154 African American Resources in Arkansas Linda McDowell Regional/Ethnic
S-155 GPS for Genealogists Pamela K. Boyer Sayre, Richard G. (Rick) Sayre Mapping
S-156 Methodology for Irish Immigration and Emigration David E. Rencher British Connections
S-157 Show Your Stuff! Tips for Preparing a Successful ICAPGen Application Ruth Ellen Maness ICAPGen
S-158 The Arkansas Post and the French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars Craig Roberts Scott Arkansas & Region
S-159 DNA for Beginners George Schweitzer DNA
S-160 Federal Court Records: A Neglected Cache of Ancestral Information John Philip Colletta Records & More
S-161 Research in Virginia: Its Records and Repositories - Part 1 Barbara Vines Little States & Records
S-162 A Promising Colored Cadet: John Hanks Alexander of Helena, Arkansas Ronnie A. Nichols Regional/Ethnic
S-163 Topographic and Other Maps for Genealogists Richard G. (Rick) Sayre Mapping
S-164 Framing the Problem for Overseas Research David E. Rencher British Connections
S-165 Seeking Your Comfort Zone As You Approach Different Repositories Paula Stuart-Warren Archives & Repositories
S-166 ICAPGen Luncheon: "Professional (and not so Professional) Research Faux Pas in the South" David E. Rencher Luncheons
S-167 Arkansas History Commission and State Archives Luncheon: "The Odd, the Weird, and the Bizarre Gleaned from the Treasures at the Arkansas History Commission" Russell P. Baker Luncheons
S-168 International Society for British Genealogy and Family History Luncheon: "What's Shakespeare Got to Do With It?" Sherry Irvine Luncheons
S-169 FamilySearch Luncheon: "Cyberexchange 101: Learn the Tech to Trace Your Roots" Don R. Anderson Luncheons
S-170 Solving Problems with Original Sources Thomas W. Jones Special Topics
S-171 Brothers in Arms: The Battle at Big Creek, Arkansas, July 26, 1864 Ronnie A. Nichols Arkansas & Region
S-172 Understanding Copyright and Plagiarism Drew Smith Keeping Up
S-173 Revolutionary War Records at the National Archives Marie Varrelman Melchiori Records & More
S-174 Research in Virginia: Its Records and Repositories - Part 2 Barbara Vines Little States & Records
S-175 Case Study on a Minister Deborah A. Abbott Regional/Ethnic
S-176 Researching Buffalo Soldiers Trevor K. Plante Federal Records
S-177 The Base for English Research: The Church of England Registers Dean J. Hunter British Connections
S-178 Finding the World with WorldCat Curt B. Witcher Archives & Repositories
S-179 Political Affiliations and their Records D. Joshua Taylor Special Topics
S-180 The Arkansas History Commission in the 21st Century Wendy Richter Arkansas & Region
S-181 Unclutter Cath Madden Trindle Keeping Up
S-182 Women and the Law Diane VanSkiver Gagel Records & More
S-183 Louisiana Conveyance Records: A Rich Source of Genealogical Research Sharon Batiste Gillins States & Records
S-184 Ethnic and Religious Migration within the U.S. Wendy Bebout Elliott Regional/Ethnic
S-185 History of NARA Constance Potter Federal Records
S-186 Has Your British Isles Research Already Been Done? Paul Milner British Connections
S-187 Understanding Archives: What They Are and How to Use Them John Philip Colletta Archives & Repositories
S-188 Timelines: Placing Your Heritage in Historical Perspective Laura G. Prescott Special Topics
S-189 Life in the Ozarks Jeff Lewellen Arkansas & Region
S-190 Making Connections with WeRelate: How to Use WeRelate to Its Fullest Dallan Quass Keeping Up
S-191 Researching Family Business Amy Johnson Crow Records & More
S-192 West from Missouri Pamela K. Boyer Sayre States & Records
S-193 Arkansas's African American Federal Writers' Project Interviewers Linda McDowell Regional/Ethnic
S-194 Beyond the Dawes Rolls Meg Hacker Federal Records
S-195 Scottish Emigration to North America: Before, During and After the Rebellions Paul Milner British Connections
S-196 Searching Congress' Scrapbooks for Your Ancestors Karen Russ Federal Records

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