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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Legislation, Group and Parish updates

Here's what's new in my Louisiana mailbag today. I've updated the surname list on the website and added the forum to the introduction to this blog today. There are several new files that have been added to the group. I have updated the lists of files available and surname files in the group. There is still no search feature available in the group. I'm cross posting to the Google group in the mean time where recent messages and blog posts may be searched.

LAORLEAN mailing list posted a notice about the Notarial Archives in my mailbox today.

There was some discussion on this list a while back about the problems the Notarial Archives was having. I found this bill in the legislature to raise their fees.


Judy Riffel Baton Rouge

Excerpt from the document URL given above:

§181.7. Notarial archives records; fees
A. The clerk of court, as ex officio recorder, shall charge the following 9
for notarial archives records: 10
(1) The sum of twenty dollars for each act, contract, or other instrument 11
filed. 12
(2) The sum of thirty dollars for each sketch, blueprint, or survey. 13
B. Five dollars from each fee collected is to be dedicated to microfilm or 14
other imaging projects with the remainder to be deposited for the notarial 15
archives division of the clerk's office to be used only for the expenses and 16
maintenance of such office. 17

Present law provides that the clerk of court of the 41st Judicial District Court shall be the
parish recorder of conveyances, mortgages and other acts for the parish of Orleans.
Authorizes the clerk to collect all charges and fees which are in effect on January 1, 2009,
for the recordation of such records and documents. Provides that any increase or decrease
in fees shall be as provided by the legislature.
Present law provides that, for notarial archives records, the clerk will charge for records as
1. $10 Per act, up to 10-pages.
2. $10 Additional, for each 5-page increment thereafter.
3. $20 Survey larger than 8.5" x 14".
4. $15 Incorrect margin surcharge.
5. $10 Incorrect paper-size surcharge.
Proposed law provides that, for notarial archives records, the clerk shall charge for records
as follows:
1. $20 Each act, contract, or other instrument.
2. $30 Each sketch, blue print, or survey.
Proposed law provides that $5 from each fee collected is dedicated to microfilm or other
imaging projects with the remainder to be deposited for the notarial archives division of the
clerk's office to be used only for the expenses and maintenance of such office.
Effective upon signature of the governor or lapse of time for gubernatorial action.

The Notorial Archives have had funding issues. This post was posted in February 2009 to the H-NET mailing list.
For several months the rumor has been circulating that the New Orleans Notarial Archives Research Center (NARC) might have to close, and that the books containing the handwritten acts of the notaries might become inaccessible. These notarial acts, dating from 1733 to 1970, deal with the buying and selling of real estate and slaves, slave emancipations, marriage contracts, acknowledgment of children born outside of marriage, powers of attorney, wills, matters relating to the settlement of a deceased person's estate (called the succession in Louisiana), and various other busines s agreements.
Read more at H-NET

Updated mailing lists of interest:

LAOUICHITA - looking for information on burial place of John Coleman Minor
UNION PARISH - a 3rd edition of "The Descendants of
William Taylor and Catherine Gray" is available for purchase.
TENSAS PARISH - Routhwood Cemetery
Mosby, Green surnames
TANGIPAHOA - Where to find obit archives of the Hammond Daily Star .
"archives for the Hammond Daily Star can be found at the Center for Southeastern Studies, you can get copies of articles for a fee. Their phone number is (985) 549-2151."
BIENVILLE PARISH - "I am searching for the burial site of my 3-great grandfather, Burton Dixon, born 1825, and died after 1900; also Myrtle Wright Dixon, who might have died prior to 1870; Catherine Dixon, born approx. 1855; Jesse Dixon, born 1/1887, and Susie, born 4/1892. Burton also owned property as indicated by the 1900 census. I found Catherine Dixon on the 1920 census. Any help would be greatly appreciated".
LAORLEAN - "...I was hoping if anyone was at the library they could possibly make a copy and I would be happy to reimburse them for their time. .."

WEST BANK GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY - long time member receives award for volunteer efforts...."Order of St. Louis Medallion" for her devotion and volunteer work at Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church in Westwego. This honor will be presented to her on Sunday, May 3 at St. Louis Catheral by Archbishop Alfred Hughes."

NOGDCR - " Louisiana Creole Research Association, Inc. (LA Creole); Louisiana Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission; and Tulane University present seminar on Lincoln and Free Blacks in Louisiana.

Event Date: May 9, 2009

As the entire nation observes this bicentennial year anniversary of the birth of
President Abraham Lincoln, the three organizations above have planned a seminar on a unique yet little known aspect of Lincoln history.

In March 1864, two free men of color from
New Orleans met with leading abolitionists including William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, and William Sumner, while en route to Washington, D.C. In the capitol city, they presented a petition of over 1,000 signatures of free men of color to President Lincoln. Throughout the Civil War, Lincoln and many of the leading abolitionists were aware of the loyal Unionist population of free blacks in Louisiana who had fought valiantly in the Union army.

On Saturday, May 9, 2009 from 1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m., a seminar titled "Cast Your Eyes Upon A Loyal Population": Lincoln and Louisiana's
Free People of Color in Jones Hall at Tulane University. Four speakers are scheduled to speak, discussing the development of the free black community in New Orleans and their political activism.. For more information contact: Jari Honora."

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