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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mailbag Query about Algiers Coin

Trying to find following info if possible. A friend of mine found a hexagon shaped 50 cent coin with the inscription"Mrs T J    Kennedy grocery Algiers.La" Would like to know where it was located. I moved to Algiers in 1945 and I can't remember this grocery was located. Please inform me if you find out anything.

Algiers Historical Society

Kevin Herridge, President

Amy Hubbell, Past President

Frank Wagner, Vice President/Secretary

Russ Van Dyke, Treasurer
235 Lavergne St.
New Orleans, LA  70114

(504) 227-8249

Coffey/Coffee Call June 2007 search hit, "T. J. Kennedy" but ?
Louisiana Postcards - "LAKE CHARLES / CHARLESTOWN (CALCASIEU PARISH). "K5TIP" QSL card with US map background, mailed there 1959 by operator T. J. Kennedy, good edges. $2.00 l"

I know nothing of historical dubloons or coins, but I know more about T Kennedy in the Louisiana Census now that I have searched. 

  • T.H.Kennedy 55yo Lawyer 9th Ward Orleans Parish 1870 Census Male White
  • T.C.Kennedy 36yo Physician  2nd Ward Orleans Parish 1880 Census Male White (living w/father W.H. Kennedy also Physican + several siblings
  • T.C.Kennedy 41 yo born in Alabama (living w/wife Isabelle) parents b. South Carolina Haynesville Clairborne Parish 1900 Census
In the 1900 Census on the first page there was another Mrs. Kennedy but the transcription is unclear. T.C. Kennedy, above,  was on the second page of the entry.  See the jpg. I can't read it.

  • T.F. Kennedy   48yo (living w/wife and 1 daughter)b. MS Farmer Vernon Parish 1920 Census
  • T.G. Kennedy ?yo Claiborne Parish 1920 Census listed as Boarder no age given Ward 4?
There was a grand total of 5 hits 6+ listings in the "T Kennedy" search, but no Mrs. T. J. Kennedy was obvious. Now if you take the T out of T Kennedy and just broaden the search a little you can max out the Census search probablities with over 400 Kennedy's  in Louisiana 1920.

1910 Census

Boarder/Lodger  on Corondolet St.

Here is an entry that proved difficult as well.

All entries below the HOH {which was a woman whose name I can barely read} state that the residents were BOARDERS.  The entry immediately following the HOH (55yo female) distinctly appeared to be "Son" and then "BROTHER". That is the image above.  I left off the first entry, which could be PRENTISS. Her name may be PRENTISS, Caroline K. Next in line was her son, George K. PRENTISS? and then the entry that confused me: Brother? or Boarder near Kennedy, Thomas S. Male White 65 yo? All 9 entries that followed the last showing here stated boarder with four of those sharing two surnames.


The 1900 Census was pay dirt providing a  T. J. Kennedy.

T. J. Kennedy b. July 1864 Louisiana parents b. Ireland 35 yo Married 11 years
Wife's name Mary with two sons.  John H. 11 yo and Thomas J. J. 5yo. Mary was the mother of 8 children 2 deceased children.  And when looking at the place of birth of her father it appears to read AT SEA whereas Mary's mother was said to be from Ireland. There were also two tenants and three other boarders living with them on Atlantic 6th Pct. Orleans Parish.

1900 Census Orleans Parish
Thomas J. Kennedy - grocer

Here is where I read "AT SEA" in the second large column for the item that is Mary E. Kennedy wife's father.
And on second look it appears that Thomas J. Kennedy is a grocer. The census lines include 3, 4, 5 & 6, which remain unmarked here and the street appears to be named Atlantic. If you cant see the last item in the row, click on the image or open it in its own url.

1900 Census Orleans Parish
Thomas Kennedy boarder Galvez St. 40yo Single.
Thomas Kennedy assistant  Howard St. 37 yo b. 1863 single 6th Pct.

I suppose I am on a tangent since the query was concerning the location of Mrs. T. J. Kennedy's grocery and here I have provided census information for nearly every T Kennedy in or near Orleans Parish! Oh my! I'm going to have to cut back on that coffee.  Perhaps someone should go to the library. I am quite simply having too much fun.  There were other Kennedy's noted to be boarders living with a McDonough or McDonald (female hoh).

On September 18th Algiers Historical Society Meeting :
Meetings are held 10 a.m. every 3rd Saturday of the month (unless otherwise stated) at the Carriage House behind the Algiers Courthouse.
Karen Leathem of the Louisiana State Museum will be making a
presentation on their current Hurricane Katrina exhibit.

More from ORLEANS RootsWeb mailing list on Kennedy:
Deaths - From the New Delta – New Orleans – Spetember 25, 1890 page 4
John T. Kennedy, 25 years, 82 Congress.

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