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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tulane manuscript and special collections online index

The Historic New Orleans Collection - Research Tools

Tulane University - 'History Detectives'
- August 27, 2010

Watch the full episode. See more History Detectives.
Search Tulane Special Collections Vertical files online:

The Louisiana Collection’s Kenneth Owen has organized and indexed the collection, which includes more than 50,000 small printed items from the early nineteenth-century to the present. In celebration of this massive, several years-long project, Special Collections is pleased to announce an online index to the Louisiana Collection Vertical Files.

From the Tulane Special Collections website:

To preserve our past for future generations, Special Collections depends on the help of persons interested in preserving the unique culture of Louisiana. If you know of letters, diaries, scrapbooks, photographs, or other Louisiana books or documents that should be saved for future students and scholars, please contact us.

Leon C. Miller, C.A.

Head, Louisiana Research Collection

Special Collections, Jones Hall

Tulane University

New Orleans, Louisiana 70118


ph: 504-314-7833

fx: 504-865-5761


"What kinds of materials does Special Collections preserve?"
A partial list of areas in which we specialize is at left (listed below) under "Special Topics," but to summarize, we acquire, preserve, and make available to the public publications and original documents about any aspect of Louisiana from its founding to the present, from anthropology to zoology. These can include original letters, diaries, scrapbooks, minutes, reports, and publications such as books, magazines, menus, brochures, flyers, and campaign literature.

Special Topics or Selected Topics
o African-American Studies

o Art

o Bureau of Gov'l Research

o Business

o Carnival

o Dissertations & theses

o Education

o Family History

o Food and Restaurants

o Jazz Oral History

o Jewish Studies

o Journalism

o LA Inspector Gen'ls Index

o Literature

o Maps

o Mardi Gras

o Medicine

o Military History

o Music, Dance, Theater

o Politics

o Political Ephemera

o Robinson Atlas

o Science and Technology

o Science Fiction & Fantasy

o Social Welfare

o Waterways

o Women

o World War I

o World's Fairs

Here is a listing of Tulane collection of Louisiana family history papers available in the Manuscripts department in Jones Hall:

Family Papers (over 50 items)

Acklen Family Papers 165 items 1825-1853

Arnous-Lessassier Family Papers 667 items 1810-1880

Artigues-Riecke Collection 141 items 1809-1968

Augustine-Wogan-Labranche Family Papers 56 items 1803-1923

Becnel-Armant Family Papers 125 items 1849-1881

Behan Family Papers 98 items 1857-1940

Berthelot Family Papers 142 items 1673-1889

Blanchard-Williams Family Papers 1,445 items 1867-1954

*Bouligny-Baldwin papers 142 items 1710-1921

Bowman Family Papers 272 items 1808-1955

Burruss Family Papers 101 items 1827-1902

Carpenter-Turley Family Papers 436 items 1893-1937

Chesnier Duchesne-Smith Papers 152 items 1850-1879

Clapp Family Papers 299 items 1897-1965

Cooley Family Papers 1,177 items 1890-1966

Coppee Family Papers 58 items 1847-1920

Craig, Fanny Leverich Eshleman Papers 104 items 1765-1958

Cross Keys Plantation, Tensas Parish, Louisiana, plantation, 6 linear feet (1829-1983). Correspondence, diaries, financial records, scrapbooks, and other papers documenting the Cross Keys Plantation of Tensas Parish, Louisiana, and the Watson, McCall, and Cook families. The plantation was run by women during most of its existence. Topics documented include soldiers' views of the Civil War and World Wars I and II, plantation life, the role of women in the South, southern agriculture, social life in the rural South, the homefront during World Wars I and II, and other subjects.

Cruzat Family Papers 625 items 1674-1939

Cummings-Black Family Papers 1,158 items 1840-1962

DeGas-Musson Papers 464 items 1837-1937

de la Vergne Papers 1,132 items 1741-1971

de la Villesbret Papers 2,711 items 1650-1918

Dickinson Papers 70 items 1803-1945

Drennan Family Papers 323 items 1860-1919

Everett Family Papers 216 items 1817-1924

Favrot Family Papers 2,000 items 1695-1905

Ferguson-Breeden Family Papers 74 items 1816-1924

Green Family Papers 235 items 1863-1937

Grima Family Papers 1,245 items 1783-1931

Hebert-Kirkland Papers 113 items 1793-1881

Hincks Family Papers 1,256 items 1811-1894

Hodges Family Papers 1,111 items 1793-1889

Hoehn-Muller Family Papers 248 items 1899-1939

Hursey Family Papers 636 items 1806-1918

Hutson Family Papers 12,488 items 1807-1955

Knobloch-Seydewitz Family Papers 174 items 1792-1859

Knolle Family Papers 963 items 1862-1942

Kostmayer, Margaret Yundt Collection 201 items 1830-1865

Labatut-Puig Family Papers 65 items 1800-1921

LaFargue Family papers, Manuscripts Collection 923, 1813-1917 (bulk, 1813-1870s) .3 linear feet (1 manuscripts box and 1 oversize folder). Correspondence, military records, marriage licenses, and other papers of a distinguished French Louisiana family noted for its contributions in a wide variety of fields, among them government, journalism, justice, law, medicine, and politics.

Lambert Family Papers 298 items 1798-1862

Landrum-Eldredge Family Papers 116 items 1855-1942

LeGardeur-Montegut Papers 83 items 1728-1880

McConnell Family Papers 4,565 items 1868-1934

Morse-Wederstrandt Family Papers 351 items 1789-1954

Nicholls Family Papers ca.7 cu.ft 1802-1963

Ogden Family Papers 423 items 1743-1918

Peters-Lemonnier-Lastrapes Collection 1,429 items 1711-1938

Pokory Family Papers 78 items 1822-1949

Pollock Family Papers 226 items 1827-1889

Provosty-LeDoux Family Papers 78 items 1822-1949

Roman Family Papers 266 items 1820-1884

St. Martin Family Papers 4,927 items 1834-1949

Schmidt Family Papers 1,274 items 1816-1916

Sizer Family Papers 117 items 1813-1849

Smith-Pullon Family Papers 118 items 1772-1887

Terhune Family Papers 52 items 1815-1938

Thiel Family Papers 1,395 items 1814-1953

Timberlake-Powell-Clements Family Papers 83 items 1855-1864

Upton Family Papers 137 items 1809-1931

Warren Family Papers 167 items 1813-1951

Weeks Family Papers 2,209 items 1775-1970

Willis-Kalling Family Papers 114 items 1862-1900

Wilmot Family Papers 278 items 1846-1962

Yard Family Papers 278 items 1815-1961

Tulane Website

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