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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Steam engines and sugar kettles 1829 Zacharie & Co New Orleans

Zacharie & Co sold West Point Foundry Sugar Kettles and many other items like horizontal steam engines.  It is interesting to note that remnants of sugar kettles were found in Red River Dams. You may read more about Zacharie & Co from the Texas State History website.
"Stephen Zacharie, a Louisiana financier and former cashier of the Bank of Louisiana. Zacharie's son, James W. Zacharie, at the time was principal of Zacharie and Company, which financed some of Schatzell's business ventures. James W. Zacharie encouraged and financed Schatzell in a commission import-export warehouse in Matamoros, beginning in November 1828."

 The West Point Foundry is located in New York. Here is a photo and more from 1975 edition of the Society for Industrial Archeology newsletter, Vol. 4 Number 6 that shows an example of a West Point Beam Engine built possibly in 1861 from a plantation called Manati in west San Juan. West Point Foundry history.

 "The decorated steam engine is the only West Point Foundry beam engine
known to survive. It is also the only known 6-column beam engine by any
American manufacturer. Additionally, it is one of only eight beam engines
of American manufacture known to exist anywhere."  -A NATIONAL HISTORIC
Manatí, Puerto Rico, February 10, 1979

I wonder what became of the 20 HP steam engine that Zacharie & Co posed for sale in 1829 in Louisiana that came from West Point Foundry, New York? Did it get shipped somewhere else by boat or did it remain in Louisiana?

If you read the article available from the Texas History link you see a mystery:

"John Schatzell Zacharie was made residuary legatee in Schatzell's will, and afterwards became a prominent lawyer and antiquarian of New Orleans. When Schatzell died on October 23, 1854, at Corpus Christi, his will and certain other papers in a leather satchel kept in the corner of his bedroom vanished so that he was declared intestate."

June 1835 Probate Zacharie

Testimony taken before the Select Committe on Mexican cliams
- Feb. 26, 1852 claims arising from the illegal capture of schooners, Julius Ceasar, Champian, and Louisiana.

Civil War Letter to Carrie Zacharie, New Orleans

Caroline E. Zacharie vs. Elizabeth Waldrom , Cases argued and decided in the Supreme Court of the State of Texas, Volume 54 Texas. Supreme Court, Alexander Watkins Terrell, Alexander Stuart Walker Hutchings Print. House, 1881.

Caroline E. Zacharie, James Waters Zacharie
- Amelia Louise Howard

US Declaration - Sworn statement - J W Zacharie 1865

Google Books - Cash for Blood
Tippacanoe, Balloon, Intelligence, (Slave Manifests Baltimore)

LAORLEAN RootsWeb mailing list, 2008 - Book excerpt from James S. Zacharie 1900, "New Orleans -- Its Old Streets and Places" "Adress delivered by the Honorable James S Zacharie at the meeting of the Louisiana Historical Society, held at Tulane Hall, University Place, New Orleans, Wednesday, January 17th, 1900" : " Old Cemeteries, VOLII PART III pgs 56-58.

J. S. Zacharie, a Mexican commission agent.

Ship arrivals, Daily Picayune November 19, 1850

James Schatzell Zacharie birth - Father, James Waters Zacharie - Mother Caroline Deare Jan. 17, 1844

Sheriff's Sale, Zacharie 1875

Stephen Zacharie, Baltimore, Maryland

Schooners Rebecca, Constitution, Scott, and Susan.
- waylaid by Mexico

See also The Great Louisiana Hurricane of August 1812 tag, Schooner Rebecca

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