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Sunday, January 30, 2011

John A. Amelung stockholder and President Fireman's Charitable Association

Is the young widow, Amelie Mercier, who married Judge Canonge the former wife of John A Amelung?  Not likely considering the dates, however, John Amelung is noted to have passed from an article in The New York Times in September 1883 where he was recalled with a memorial book to be presented to his family in January 1884.  There is a birth record in New Orleans for Mary Fredricka Amelung on June 25, 1846 where John Alexander Amelung and Mary Milered are also listed as new parents.

In searching the CWSS for there is only one, Lewis F. Amelung of the 1st Louisiana Regiment Cavalry raised from Rapides Parish. There is also an LAYET and  Amelung working down the street from 90 Tchopitoulas on 111 Tchopitoulas as a merchant in 1842 where it locates a residence. Robin between Annunciation & Constance;  LAYET, PAUL EMILE;  Layet & Amelung, residence.  In 1811 there was an F. & H. Amelung negociants merchants at 21 Chartres, where that name is also listed as a bricklayer in the same directory in 1811. 

Old Families of Louisiana, By Stanley Clisby Arthur, George Campbell Huchet de Kernion

John A. Amelung, who owned a 72 shares in the telegraph, was noted in the 1842 New Orleans City Business Directory as a com. merchant with an address of 90 Tchoupitoulas and at the corner of Julia St. -- LAGENWEB USGENWEB archives.

And a hit on Amelung in this Google Book about the History of the New Orleans fire department where they participated in the funeral of General Andrew Jackson on 26 June 1845. A eulogy was given in both English and French at the time. John A. Amelung was the President of the Fireman's Charitable association 1845-1847. See also Cyprus Grove Cemetery. And the FAG for this cemetery. (There is a 2007 photograph on FAG that just cannot be posted here. (The cemetery looks to be quite damaged) You can read more about Cyprus Grove here, too.

I find a John A. Amelung in Green Wood cemetery Brooklyn New York with an Lewis Amelung buried there too, but the death date for John is wrong.  There is the Lewis Amelung Civil War transcript where he was paroled on May 12, 1865 from Gainesville, Ala.  I find another John A. Amelung with the proper year buried at St. John's Cemetery Yonkers, Westchester County, New York the only problem being his wife is different from June 1846 and is now Laura H. who lived until 1913.  They are all both buried togather with a son, Henry. In Louisiana too there was a  Henry Amelung who died in Orleans Parish 1840 at 29 yo. There is also this Rapides Parish LAGenWeb file where Amelung  mentioned as merchants in 1836, in an issue of The Planters Intelligencer, Vol IX, No 46 November 1836."

 It would be odd to me that a man who was President of the Fireman's Association did not use his organization's own cemetery, wouldn't it?  I thought it odd, too.

No BLM GLO record for Amelung surname in Louisiana.

Mercier 1850 DeSoto Parish

Fontenelle 1843 Plaquemines Parish, 1843 Iberville Parish, *1839 Point Coupee Parish. (Mother of Amelie)

(I didn't search for de Fontenelle at BLM GLO)

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