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Friday, May 30, 2008

St. Martin de Tours Church to Repossess St. Michael Cemetery Spaces!

From URL
The Public NOTICE below appeared in the local newspaper Teche News
TECHE NEWS, St. Martinville, La - Wednesday May 7, 14 and 21, 2008

PUBLIC NOTICE: St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church in its capacity as administrative authority for St. Michael's Cemetery proposed to acquire the
cemetery spaces listed below unless the owners or heirs come forward to claim responsibility for their care and maintenance. Anyone with a legal claim
to these spaces can contact the parish business office for farther information: 337-394-6021

(list and location of graves)
St. Michael Cemetery
TECHE NEWS Tuesday May 7, 2008
Square Section Plot
Aurilien Doucet 1 2 2 343
Prosper Lopez 1 2 17/18 1599
Jules Champagne 1 3 2 275
M/M J Jules Babin 1 3 12A 1441
Arthur Gaudin Jr 1 5 24 446
Teles Peltier 2 1 30 1008
Camilia Elridge 2 2 16 1022
Oreste Peltier 2 3 10 740
Valsin Bernard 2 5 13 1274
Mrs. Anthony Albert 2 6 39 1281
Adolphe Dugas 3 3 11 647
Clovis Romero 3 6 7 5100
Rita Romero 3 6 14 1411
Rita Romero 3 6 14A 1412
M/M Evalture Bonin 3 7 9 146
Celestine Lavergne 4 1 11 1438
William Montfort 4 1 25 705
Mrs Eliante Dugas 4 4 1 1403
Charles Blanchard 4 4 15 947
Adler Boudreaux 4 4 16 162

St. Michael Cemetery
TECHE NEWS Tuesday May 14, 2008

Square Section Plot
Adler Boudreau 4 4 17A 163
Jennifer Crocker 5 1 1 14
Rene Potier 5 1 3 1134
C.M. Olivier 5 1 4 1162
Felix Berard 5 1 5 86
Charles Theriot 5 1 24 1180
Winston Smith 5 1 41D 1552
Adolph LaSalle 5 2 15 810
5 2 17 1473
F.N. Vincent 5 3 9 1230
Laurent Broussard 5 3 17 960
Septime Lasseigne Est. 5 3 28 1273
John Ducloset Mouton 5 4 8 1155
Mrs. Eloise Courville 6 5 19 602
Octave Price 6 5 30 808
Florence L.F. Savoy 6 5 33B 1549
Joseph Jean Rodriguez 6 5 37 5004
Wilfred Lawrence 6 5 40 1241
Clet Castille 7 1 6 239
William Eastin 7 1 17 1043

St. Michael Cemetery

TECHE NEWS Tuesday May 20, 2008

Square Section Plot
Thomas 7 2 23 762
Albert Barras Est. 7 3 14 1256
Jules Francois 7 4 12 1053
Roselie M Curel 7 4 13 1053
Paul Fracoise 7 4 14 1053
Darcourt Dugas Jr 7 4 17 1046
Celestine B. Dugas 7 4 18 1047
John F. Franz 7 5 26 1199
Alosia Eastin 8 1 19 1044
Arthur Gaudin Sr 8 1 31 103
Preston Boudreaux 8 2 22 1279
Louis J. Bienvenue 8 2 57 110
Mrs. Eudolie Guilbeau 8 6 4 1064
Lee Wiltz 8 6 28 1243
Mrs. Gustave Menard 8 6 51 1143
Lester Journet 8 7 10 536
Martha Gagne 8 7 44 989
Martin Cazine 8 8 4 1384

And this excerpt came from The Daily Iberian

St. Martinville cemetery looking for family links


St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church in St. Martinville is in search of descendants of some of its cemetery’s oldest residents.

Debbie Hebert, bookkeeper and cemetery administrator for the church, said several plots in the church’s cemetery are either abandoned, in disrepair or have never been issued a title and the church is following the proper procedures to notify family members before other action is taken.

The Louisiana Cemetery Board governs the operations of cemeteries in the state and requires that for a period of 25 years, a list of these funeral plots must be published in a local newspaper in an effort to notify family members of their maintenance needs and current states.

The church also is required to send a registered letter to the last known family contact.

After the required attempts to contact decedents have been met, the cemetery authority is allowed to transfer ownership of the gravesites.

Stanley LeBlanc, born in New Iberia and currently living in Dallas, is concerned about disturbing these historic final resting places.

Heavily involved with a similar issue at St. Nicholas Cemetery in Patoutville, LeBlanc, who is an authority on the Teche Area’s genealogy, said it is a gray area and the church should proceed with a great deal of care and caution.

One of LeBlanc’s main concerns is the difficulty in finding descendants two or three generations down a family line who may be unaware of ancestor names or where the final resting place of their ancestors might be.

Leblanc said many of the surnames printed on the St. Michael’s Cemetery list are of those families that were original settlers in the area and their burial sites represent a great deal of rich history.

Published gravesites:

Aurilien Doucet

Prosper Lopez

Jules Champagne

M/M J Jules Babin

Arthur Gaudin Jr.

Teles Peltier

Camilia Elridge

Oreste Peltier

Valsin Bernard

Mrs. Anthony Albert

Adolphe Dugas

Clovis Romero

Rita Romero

M/M Evalture Bonin

Celestine Lavergne

William Montfort

Mrs. Eliante Dugas

Charles Blanchard

Adler Boudreaux

Jennifer Crocker

Rene Potier

C.M. Olivier

Felix Berard

Charles Theriot

Winston Smith

Adolph LaSalle

F.N. Vincent

Laurent Broussard

Septime Lasseigne Est.

John Ducloset Mouton

Mrs. Eloise Courville

Octave Price

Florence L.F. Savoy

Joseph Jean Rodriguez

Wilfred Lawrence

Clet Castille

William Eastin


Albert Barras Est.

Jules Francoise

Darcourt Dugas Jr.

Celestine B. Dugas

John F. Franz

Alosia Eastin

Arthur Gaudin Sr.

Preston Boudreaux

Louis J. Bienvenue

Mrs. Eudolie Guilbeau

Lee Wiltz

Mrs, Gustave Menard

Lester Journet

Martha Gagne

Martin Cazine

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